relax. restore. renew.

We are good at being busy, aren't we? We know how to expertly plan our days to accomplish the maximum amount of tasks that we can. The to-do list morphs throughout the years. We start with books to read and tests to study for and eventually move into work to be done, houses to clean, laundry to fold, and mouths to feed. One task we often forget or simply don't make time for is the care and nurture of our soul. We squeeze in prayer time while multitasking at least two other things on our list. Bible reading gets relegated to scriptures on 3x5 cards taped to our mirror in the morning. And yet for all of our industry and efficiency, we feel that there is more to do and no energy to do it.
What we need is time with our Father. Time away from the nagging chores, the demanding work schedules, and the otherwise just messiness of life. We need time to sit in quiet at our Father's feet and let Him refresh our souls. We need time to reconnect with friends and let relationships go deeper in an environment not distracted by life. Breathe is all about both. Come let God minister to your heart, spend time in quiet with Him, reestablish friendships you've let go stale. Our prayer is that you not only find a respite from life for a weekend, but that you return to life energized and equipped to live it to His glory surrounded by those other believers in Christ.
Come to Breathe and relax, restore, and renew your soul.